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  • Roadside and On-Site Service
  • Major Engine Overhaul
  • A/C Service
  • Electrical Wiring & Lighting
  • Scan and Repair Faults to ECU Systems
    a.  Genuine Cummins Insite
    b.  Genuine Detroit DDL Diagnostic
  • Brake and Air System Repair
  • DOT Inspections
  • Forced Regens
  • Lockouts
  • Jump Starts
  • Trailer Repairs for Flooring and Sidwalls
  • Lift Gate Repair
  • Out of Fuel Calls

The NAPA Truck Service Over the Road Warranty

Covers Parts and Labor on Qualifying Repairs and Services for 12 months with unlimited mileage.

NAPA Truck Service Centers offer the best over the road warranty in the industry and is honored at over 1300 facilities nationwide. The NAPA Truck Service Over the Road Warranty provides coverage on qualifying repairs for 12 months with unlimited mileage for over the road, commercial highway use vehicles. Ask your local NAPA Truck Service Center for a copy of the complete warranty.

For warranty service outside a 100 mile radius from your original repairing location, contact the NAPA AutoCare Warranty Administrator at 888-925-5428. For warranty service inside a 100 mile radius from your original repairing location, please contact your original location for service.

Where Service and Dependability Matter

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Our Motto

Our Motto is “Where Service and Dependability Matter” Our ultimate goal is to build a business that sustains. Short term goals are to serve our customers and employees with honesty and dependability. We firmly believe that in order to meet customers’ needs, we need to meet our employee’s needs as well. We appreciate all our employees who serve our customers. We begin (talented and hard-working employees) with the end (happy and satisfied customers) in mind. If you have any concerns or complaints, please feel free to contact us. We will do whatever we can to keep customers satisfied. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Roadside Service

Truck Repair

Trailer Repair


Here’s what our happy customers had to say about our services:

Very nice people, friendly, knowledgeable, honest and professional service. I highly recommend and I want to say thank you Tim, Wanda and Ryan for everything you did for me

Salam Kaskorkis

T&W is our shop of choice. They have a personal touch and treat us like family. Their rates are more than reasonable, thier knowledge is extensive, and what truly stands out is thier work ethic and moral compass.

Shaden Shadowborn

A large wolf or coyote cracked my radiator when it lost the fight with my truck.
I knew from my first conversation with Wanda at T&W Services, that she was kind, professional, and determined. To avoid telling a long story, I’ll just say they assisted with everything except a home cooked meal; and they probably would’ve provided that also if I’d asked 😊
The part was ordered and installed the same day, allowing me to get back on the road. I appreciate the outstanding service I was given, and the genuine kindness I was shown from everyone at T&W Services. THANK YOU Wanda, Tim, Ryan, and Aarron, Awesome Team!! 👏
Keith Strickland
Owner Operator

Keith Strickland